JR the stoic

John Russell, your club looks surprisingly good in the spring and after being predicted to show no power at the plate this year, they hit four home runs! How do you feel?

“The wind blowing out helps,” Russell said after this 6-5 victory over Houston at Osceola County Stadium today, won by Paul Maholm, saved by Evan Meek and highlighted by homers from Brandon Moss, Craig Monroe, Robinzon Diaz and Jeff Salazar, the only unselfish one of the bunch to have the courtesy to drive in someone else besides himself (Diaz aboard on a walk). “But we swing the bats pretty well. As we go forward, guys will be starting to be more aggressive. We’re not a big home-run-hitting team, and we popped a few.”

OK, actually Russell’s reaction is pretty much dead on here (if he hadn’t mentioned the wind, I would’ve), but he’s just so level all the time I can’t help but laugh sometimes.

Pat Lackey

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