For reasons that will become shortly apparent, I’ve been working on cleaning/updating the sidebar links. That means that I’ve got some new links to add to the sidebar, as well as some other things for your general perusal.

Cory Humes, Geeves, and Alan from Bucco Wire are all blogging again at MVN under the header Pirate Revolution.

There’s also The Green Weenie and The ‘Burgh Blues, two blogs I should’ve added some time ago.

Meanwhile, Dejan’s series about the Pirates’ presence in the Dominican is awesome. I’m sure most of you have been checking it out as it’s been published, but if you haven’t I can’t recommend parts one, two, and three, Renee Gayo’s list of the top 5 prospects yet to play in America, and everything else that DK’s put on his blog on the subject enough. It’s an awesome look in to the Bucs’ international operation and how things have changed since Bob Nutting took the lack of Pirate presence in the region personally.

On a more depressing note, Wilbur Miller runs down the Pirates’ drafts from 1999-2007 (via Bucs Dugout).

Jay Bell is eligible for the Hall of Fame this year. As the sponsor of his Baseball-Reference page, I feel like I have to mention this. His career highlights include a bajillion sac bunts in 1990 and 1991, a Gold Glove in 1993, scoring the winning run in the 2001 World Series, and hitting a grand slam in the exact inning some potentially clairevoyant lady said he would, winning her a million dollars.

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