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Since I wasn’t clear enough before, I’ll say that the deadline to register for the WHYGAVS Ticket Drawing is 5 PM Pacific, or 8 PM Eastern. I’m guessing everyone entering is on the east coast since their for Pirate tickets, but I won’t be able to do the drawing until later tonight, so don’t forget to register if you haven’t yet! Full details for the contest can be found here.

A bunch of people sent this in; Pirate 26th rounder Matt Dermody threw a six-inning, 18 strikeout perfect game in an Iowa high school game this week.

Speaking of draft picks, Brooks Pounders is set to sign and Zackry Dodson and Colton Cain seem receptive to above-slot offers, though bureaucratic shenanigans will keep the Pirates from extending those offers for a couple weeks. The Pirates are also meeting with Trent Stephenson this week. The Pirates seem to be pretty serious about signing these guys, which is a great sign even though it’s early in the process.

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