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Still not a lot of free time, so here’s some stuff around the internet:

Ryan Braun is threatening violence against the Pirates. This is the sort of thing that probably shouldn’t be broadcast ahead of time. Meanwhile, Dejan lauds Karsten for the same pitch that has Braun so pissed.

Add Jerry Crasnick to the list of mainstream media types who have noticed the Pirates’ hot start. His is another story about Kerrigan and it’s worth a read.

Sidebar: remember two weeks ago when everyone in the press was on the Marlins’ bandwagon? Well, they’re all aboard the Pittsburgh Pirate train now. Big media is so deathly afraid of missing the next team to break out like the Rays, they’re going to embrace each and every team like the Pirates and Marlins so hard, their proverbial ribs are going to break. I’m not sure how they think this method is an improvement.

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