Locke’s turn

Yesterday was entertaining and fun and cathartic on a number of levels, but let's lay this out the way that it is: while I wouldn't say that the Pirates need a split in this series (no baseball team really needs anything in June), they really should try to win two games from the Reds in this four-game set. It'll keep them within a half-game of the Reds in the Central on top of being just an all-around good result on the road when your starting rotation is in shambles. 

If we accept that the Pirates should try their best to split this four-game set, their best opportunity to get a second win is tonight. Jeff Locke starts for the Pirates tonight with Brandon Cumpton starting tomorrow. Bronson Arroyo starts for the Reds tonight, Homer Bailey starts tomorrow. I'm not saying the Pirates can't win tomorrow, I'm saying their chances of winning are much better tonight. Plus, if the Pirates win tonight, the Reds will be looking up to the Pirates in the standings tomorrow. I'm sure the Reds would loooooove that. 

First pitch tonight is at 7:10.

Pat Lackey

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