MLB draft: Day 2 thread

Day two of the MLB Draft starts today around 12:30ish and will include rounds 3-10. Most of the big names are off of the board, though Oklahoma high schooler Jon Denney (also a catcher) is still on the board. I'll update this thread as much as I can this afternoon with information about the picks that the Pirates make. Most of my information here is coming from the scouting reports at the MLB draft tracker, unless otherwise noted.

Third round:The Pirates picked JaCoby Jones with the 87th pick. Jones is currently at LSU, where he plays second and short, as well as in the outfield. He is fast. Minor League Ball calls him "an enigma" because of the volatility of his college career. In short, he's a very toolsy guy with a decent glove and a chance to play shortstop, but a questionable swing and plate judgment. If the Pirates can iron the kinks out of his swing, he'll probably be a very good value at 87, but that's far from certain.

Fourth round: The pick here is Cody Dickson, a lefty from Sam Houston State. The draft profile calls him a "tall, projectible lefty."

Fifth round: Trae Arbet, who's another middle infielder. He's a California high schooler, described as being pretty athletic. 

Sixth round: Adam Frazier, yet another shortstop. Frazier's a Mississippi State junior and he's a pretty little guy (listed at 5'11"/174) which raises a bunch of questions about his ability to hit for power and to stay at short in the long-term. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume he's Ecksteinian based on the writeup of him. 

Seventh round: Buddy Borden, RHP, UNLV. He tied Braden Shipley as the Mountain West Pitcher of the year, but is obviously not the same sort of prospect. His fastball is described as "low 90s," which isn't really ideal, but apparently he throws a nice curveball and changeup. A college pitcher with some success and three pitches doesn't seem like an awful seventh round pick. Usually college pitchers drafted in these rounds are guys like Justin Wilson (a fiftth rounder), just for a point of reference.

Eighth round: 

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