Monday links and errata

Once again, I’m taking shirt orders for WHYGAVS Night. If you want one, please get to me by tonight, because I’m putting the order in tomorrow. Go here for more details.

The Pirates are 2-0 since the PierogiBook scandal. Just sayin’.

Congrats to Charlie of Bucs Dugout for being named editor of the new SB Nation Pittsburgh site. I can’t think of a more deserving choice, especially because of posts like this one from last week. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Rob Biertempfel tweets that Brock Holt does not have a torn MCL, will not need surgery, and that Neal Huntington seems to be implying he’ll be back on the diamond in 2010. Potentially great news.

Spurred on by this morning’s report that he may be on his was to Triple-A, have people been paying attention to Danny Moskos’s line with Altoona? He’s been dominant with the Cuve, striking nearly a batter an inning with a 3.11 K/BB ratio and no homers allowed in 30 innings. I’ll grant you that relief prospects aren’t exactly tops on the Pirates’ priority list right now, but since Moskos was essentially a relief prospect when he was drafted, it’s nice to see him finally hitting his stride.

Question: would people be more interested in seeing me re-rank the prospects right now (since Tabata, Lincoln, and Alvarez won’t be prospects at the end of the season), or after the signing deadline for the draft picks? Or both?

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