More bits of news

There are also two more bits of news from the first(!) day of workouts. In addition to Joel Hanrahan being hurt, the Pirates also mentioned that Ramon Vazquez had knee surgery in November. He should be ready for the start of the season, provided he makes the team (which is no sure thing).

Second, the Bucs signed Dominican outfielder Willy Garcia (ESPN paylink here, BuccoFans has the details at the first link). There was word that the Pirates had spent most of their international budget, but we’re still waiting on more names for now.

UPDATES: Wow, lots of updates needed to this one. The Pirates are denying that they’ve signed Willy Garcia, though they’re definitely in talks with him. And Charlie was kind enough to shoot me an e-mail to let me know that his readers told him that the Joe Sheehan that works for the Pirates is a different Joe Sheehan. So, my bad on that one.

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