Neil Walker called up

With the calendar turning over to September today, the Pirates announced just two call-ups today; Virgil Vasquez and Neil Walker. Vasquez, we know about. Walker is worth talking about.

In the month of August, Walker hit .339/.368/.578 with four homers and a whopping 14 doubles. That’s a great month, but it sure seems awfully closely tied to a high batting average because he drew just six walks in 118 plate appearances. These are Walker’s career monthly OBPs with Triple-A Indy, with August of ’07 (his first month up), September of 08 and May June of 09 (very small sample sizes) excluded:

  • April ’08: .263
  • May ’08: .264
  • June ’08: .280
  • July ’08: .257
  • August ’08: .331
  • April ’09: .250
  • May ’09: .339
  • July ’09: 234
  • August ’09: .368

Look, I’m honestly not trying to be hard on the kid. I hope that he comes up and just kills the ball in September and makes me look like a moron and adds another piece to the puzzle for the Pirates. But I’m really going to have to see that to believe it.

Pat Lackey

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