Now you can see the Pirates’ financial documents

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m not a particularly huge fan of writing about the Pirates’ finances. Talking about money just isn’t really my thing (after all, I’m a grad student — heyo!); I’m no financial expert and I’m much more interested in talking about baseball games and how to put together a good small market baseball team. I’ve said in the past that I think money is just one part of the equation and it’s often the part that the least can be done about, so I’m happy to just leave it alone and let other people talk about it.

That said, the story about the Pirates’ finances is huge and impossible to just ignore. The required mainstream reading thus far is the AP story about the Pirates’ finances based on an internal leak from within the team, Dejan Kovacevic’s story about the preemptive response the Pirates made yesterday by opening their books to the local media hours before the AP report was released, and good blog posts about the whole thing by Tim Wilbur at Pirates Prospects and Charlie at Bucs Dugout. Also this morning, Deadspin has obtained financial documents belonging to a number of baseball teams with many of the leaked documents belonging to the Pirates. I haven’t had a lot of time to look at them but they seem to mirror what Coonelly showed to reporters yesterday.

I will manage to get together a post later today about this whole thing. I do need a little more time to organize my thoughts, though, so give me until sometime this afternoon.

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