Pirates demote Evan Meek

Immediately after tonight’s game, this came across the interet:

It’s not any secret that Meek hasn’t been his old self this year; until his fastball velocity comes back he’s pretty unlikely to be a useful relief pitcher. I thought there was a chance that he would be demoted straight out of camp, but the Pirates gave him a month. 

There’s no word on Meek’s replacement, but the safe bet is that it’ll either be Doug Slaten or Danny Moskos since they’re lefties and the Pirates are a bit short on lefties in the pen right now. Both guys have decent ERAs with Indy this year, but not the matching rate stats.  It’s worth noting that Moskos is currently on the 40-man roster and Slaten isn’t, so to call Slaten up the Pirates would have to either take someone off of the roster or move someone (read: Jeff Karstens) to the 60-day DL.

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