Pirates fire Kerrigan, Varsho

Well, this is unexpected. I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this; I’m guessing there’s some back story here that we’ll be filled in on in the coming hours and days. I’ve wondered quite a few times if Kerrigan was really doing any good for the team this year; Charlie Morton and Brad Lincoln pretty obviously didn’t make progress under him this year and when Lincoln got demoted to work on what the team called mechanical struggles with Indy’s pitching coach and not Kerrigan I thought something was obviously up.

Varsho is harder to peg. As the named outfield instructor he might be responsible for those goofy outfield shifts, but I’m not positive those don’t come directly from the front office. Since the relationship between Huntington and Russell seems strong, it did occur to me earlier this year that maybe Varsho would be fired as the sacrifical offering after a bad season. The timing on ths feels weird, though, to come with two months left in the season and right after what will almost certainly be 2010’s signature win. It just seems like there’s more to this story.

Pat Lackey

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