Pirates sign Austin Meadows for slot value

That's pretty much all the info right there. If you're keeping track at home, the Pirates were very interested with David Dahl — a high school outfield prospect — with the #8 pick last year, but ditched him to pick Mark Appel when he fell into their laps. They couldn't sign Appel and took Meadows, who's arguably a better prospect than Dahl, with the compensatory pick this year. The Pirates couldn't have forseen it working out this way when they rolled the dice on Appel, but I think it worked out OK for them in the end. The Pirates got the guy everyone thought they wanted before the draft (Reese McGuire), along with a guy that they liked enough to draft over McGuire when he ended up being available at #9. It's hard to argue with that, now that both guys are apparently signed.

In other (mostly unrelated) draft news, the Marlins aren't going to sign Matt Krook. That's who they took with the "competitive balance" pick they got from the Pirates in the Gaby Sanchez trade. They will get a compensation pick next year.

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