Polling issues

I’ve received a few complaints about people having trouble voting in the poll I put on the site on Friday, and checking the response rate it does seem awfully low. I’m checking a few things on the back end and talking to the always-helpful Bloguin team about it, but I also want to check the simplest solution.

In honor of Lost’s return to television next week, I’ve put up the informally named Paradox Poll* in the left sidebar. Please try to vote in it. If you get an error (probably an “Invalid Token” message) I would really, really appreciate it if you leave a comment mentioning what browser you’re using and whether or not you were logged in when you tried to vote.

*OK, so I’ve been re-watching Season 5 over the past couple weeks and early on in the season FutureRichard gives Locke a compass. Locke then travels back in time, meets PastRichard, and gives him the compass as proof of identity. So if Richard got the compass from Locke who got the compass from Richard, HOW DOES THE COMPASS EXIST?!? These are, in fact, the things I think about.

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