Aaron Pribanic

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Groundballs, groundballs, groundballs. That’s Aaron Pribanic in a nutshell. He’s only striking out 4.38 hitters per nine innings with the Marauders this year, but good control (2.0 BB/9) and a great groundball rate (59.2%) have his numbers at a respectable level. He throws pretty hard though (low 90s), so if he can improve his breaking pitches some he might suddenly find some strikeouts and start shooting up this list. July 2010 rank: 16

January 2011 update: So how much of a prospect can a guy be on a sinker alone? Pribanic strikes almost no one out (4.1 K/9 with Bradenton in 2010), but he gets plenty of groundball outs and was effective in the Florida State League last year. The FSL is pretty pitcher-friendly, though so I’m awfully skeptical of his ability to replicate that success if he’s promoted to Double-A.  

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