Billy Cain


Of the slew of high school talent the Pirates drafted in the 2009 draft, Cain seemed to be #2 on the Pirates list behind Von Rosenberg. That’s where he was ranked by most scouts and it’s easy to see it in the big lefty from Texas that was recruited by UT as both a hitter and pitcher. It’s hard to rank him without seeing him pitch professionally, but the $1.15 million signing bonus makes it clear the Pirates are expecting good things.

July 2010 update: Similar to Von Rosenberg and all of the 2009 draftees, Cain’s been slotted down a bit only because the performances of other pitchers merit higher slots for them and we haven’t seen much of Cain yet. He missed some time with a back injury, but he started with GCL Bradenton right around the same time Von Rosenberg, Stevenson, and Dodson went to State College so I don’t think it set him back much. In any case, he’s looked quite good in the GCL and will hopefully be on his way to State College soon.July 2010 rank: 8

January 2011 update: Like Von Rosenberg, don’t read his drop in ranking as a condemnation. His injuries slowed him down a bit in 2010, but he pitched very well in State College despite a high ERA. He struck out nearly a batter an inning and showed good control in the NY-Penn League while only giving up 6.1 hits per nine innings and only two homers in 34 innings there. If he can stay healthy, he might be the first guy from the high school trio of the 2009 draft to really break out. 

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