Evan Chambers

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The Pirates’ third rounder in 2009 is a tweener in a lot of ways. He committed to Florida in 2008, but left for junior college partway through his freshman year there. Instead of being a junior in college right now eligible for the draft in 2010, he was able to be drafted a year early. He’s also a small guy (listed at 5’11”), but stocky enough that he may not be able to stay in center field. On the bright side, he killed the ball in August and September with State College and drew a lot of walks. He’s certainly one guy that could move up this list with a big year in 2010.

July 2010 Update: Chambers is a really interesting guy. His batting average is really low, but his OBP is really high (68 walks in 371 PAs so far this year) and he’s showing just enough power to pique my curiousity (10 homers). At 22 as a JuCo pick in last year’s third round, he’s still young enough to develop a bit. Worth keeping an eye on, because I think there’s some potential here.

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