Exicardo Cayonez

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He makes it on to this list by virtue of getting one of the biggest signing bonuses the Pirates have ever given to a Latin American player and putting together an impressive .302/.396/.424 line as a 17-year old in the Venezuelan Summer League. He’s obviously got a very long ways to go before he comes to Pittsburgh, but he’s off to a promising start.

July 2010: Welcome to the States, Exicardo! He’s played just 17 games with Bradenton, but he’s hitting .394/.457/.494. Imagine if he were a high school draftee in the 2010 draft (he’s just 18) putting up those numbers in his first professional season. Putting him fifth is obviously an aggressive ranking here, but I have a lot of faith in Rene Gayo and I don’t really see anyone else that deserves to be this high.

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