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Latimore was the fourth round pick in the final Dave Littlefield draft in 2007, and he’s what I think I’d classify as a mildly intriguing outfield prospect in a system that has more outfield prospects than anything else. When I first started thinking about this list in mid-August after the signing deadline, I was ready to put him higher on the list, but then he bottomed out in in August and now he’s got these crazy hot/cold monthly splits that make it hard for me to get too high on him.

In 2008, Latimore didn’t play until State College’s season began in June, but his monthly OPSes were .407, .856, .595, and .889. He went to West Virginia this year and starting in April hit .498, .844, .703, .943, .572. In his good months, he’s really good; he’s fast and he shows some good power (he had 10 triples and 11 homers this year), but he has to find a way to be more consistent to make himself into a real prospect. He’ll be 21 and presumably begin his year in the Florida State League, so there’s certainly time for that.

July 2010 Update: Another guy who’s profile hasn’t changed much since last year. He got off to a scorching start with Bradenton but has come back to earth since then, which means that he’s having the same consistency problem as last year. Still young, but has a long way to go.

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