Trent Stevenson

Of the three high-upside high schoolers drafted and signed above-slot by the Pirates in the 2009 draft, only Stevenson signed early enough to get a decent amount of work in during the GCL season. He made five starts and pitched 15 innings, allowing just two runs, striking out eight, and walking none. He still falls into the “must pitch more before we know what we really have” category, but it’s always nice to see good early returns.

Stevenson’s a bean pole (6’6″ 175 lbs) that supposedly has a very fluid motion with decent breaking and off-speed stuff. He was committed to Arizona before the Pirates snagged him in the seventh round.

July 2010 update: Another guy that there’s currently not much to say about. He’s with State College and I’ll be watching him closely there, but not too concerned with the results until he gets a bit higher in the system. July 2010 rank: 10

January 2011 update: I still feel like Stevenson’s a bit of a mystery to me, if only because there’s generally less said about him than his more famous draftmates Cain and Von Rosenberg. His numbers with State College were more or less the same as Von Rosenberg’s with a few more walks, so hopefully he can make some strides this year as the Pirates take the leash off of him a little bit more. January 2011 rank: 11

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