Zackry Dodson


Dodson was the fourth round pick in 2009 and is a bit of an interesting case. I don’t think he was as highly regarded by scouts as the trio of Von Rosenberg, Cain, and Stevenson, but his $600,000 signing bonus was significantly more than Stevenson’s $350,000. He was committed to Baylor and is a lefty, but there’s not as much information available about him. Like the other three, we’ll learn more about him as 2010 develops.

July 2010 update: Play it again; 2009 draftee we don’t know much about yet, numbers in 2010 might not be great but that might not mean much, ranked mostly on what people said about him before the draft, etc. etc. etc. July 2010 rank: 17

January 2011 update: Of the 2009 draft quartet, Dodson was perhaps the least regarded in high school, which is why he’s still ranked so low. In all honesty, he gave up fewer hits and homers than Von Rosenberg and Stevenson with State College in 2010 and he struck out more hitters, though he struggled with his control a bit more. Obviously he’ll be a little easier to rank once we see him over the course of a full season and that’s what I’ll be looking for in 2011.  January 2011 update: 19

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