Reader spring training pic extravaganza

I’ve got some big apologies to hand out here, as I asked for spring training pictures from you guys and I’ve been pretty bad at posting them lately. I’ve got a pretty good sized backlog of reader photos to post this morning, and we’re going to get to them because I’m going to be honest, I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures everyone’s been sending me this spring and I don’t think I’m alone.

First up, we’ve got pictures from David Walsh, who calls Greenville, PA home. David actually sent these to me about eight days ago, so I’m going to apologize profusely to my fellow Mercer County native for taking so long to post these. David had some nice seats at McKechnie and got some closeups of Jack Wilson, Adam LaRoche, and Brandon Moss.




Next up, we’ve got Ryan Alexander, who made a spur of the moment trip to Bradenton and Sarasota to watch some spring training. That’s going to happen to me one of these years; it’s going to be 2 AM before I realize I’m in my car going 95 on 95 halfway through South Carolina. He’s got Andrew McCutchen, Paul Maholm, and he also partakes in that peculiar Pirate fan habit of taking a picture of the scoreboard, as if to say, “Holy crap! We’re winning!”




And finally, we’ve got Steve Williams from State College who made his first pilgrimage to Spring Training this year and among other things, got a chance to see Brandon Moss in his first real action of the spring. 100_0142

All of these pics are clickable for higher quality, but if the loading time is too much, let me know and I’ll crop them down a bit. A big thanks to Steve, David, Ryan, and everyone else who sent pics in this spring. I personally really enjoyed doing these little features as a change of pace and I think I’m going to try to do something similar during the season.

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