Report from Canada: Erik Bedard will sign with the Pirates

Marc Brassard of Ottawa’s Le Droit just tweeted this: Érik Bédard, de Navan, va signer un contrat d’un an pour 4,5 M $ plus primes avec les Pirates de Pittsburgh ce PM, a appris le Droit. My french is rusty (translation: I took spanish in high school, I speak no french) roughly translates to “Erik Bedard, of Nevan, will sign a one-year contract for $4.5 million, plus incentives, with the Pittsburgh Pirates, le Droit has learned.”

Le Droit is, per Wikipedia, the only francophone newspaper published in Ontario, which is where Bedard, a Franco-Ontarian, is from. Which is to say that I know nothing about it and so I can’t say for sure if this is a reliable report, but there’s plenty of reason to think that it is. 

If it goes through, this will be very good news. Will update as warranted.  

Big thanks to the Blitzburgh Blog for passing this along. 

UPDATE: Tim Dierkes says he’s confirmed it.

Pat Lackey

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