The Road to 17: Who’s to blame?

Yesterday, I wrote that I felt bad that the current Pirates were going to take the brunt of the blame for this 17-year skid because they really don’t have a lot to do with it. Of course, they deserve some of the blame, but then, a lot of guys do. And so I fired up Baseball-Reference and compiled a list of each person that’s played regularly at each position over the last 17 years.

The method was simple; I tried to follow the progression of starters at each position through the losing streak (it’s not exactly perfect in some places, but I did my best) then added a grab bag at the bottom of other illustrious/memorable/awful players. I’m surely missing a few players, but if there’s going to be finger pointing this week these guys are a good place to start. Enjoy, or recoil in fear after the jump. Whichever.

Catcher: Don Slaught (1993-1994), Mark Parent (1995), Jason Kendall (1996-2004), Keith Osik (backup4life, 1996-2002), Humberto Cota (2005), Ronny Paulino (2006-2007), Ryan Doumit (2008-present)

First Base: Kevin Young (1993, 1997-2002), Brian Hunter (1994), Mark Johnson (1995-1996), Randall Simon (2003), Daryle Ward (2004-2005), Sean Casey (2006), Craig Wilson (2006), Xavier Nady (2006), Adam LaRoche (2007-2009), Garrett Jones/Steve Pearce (present)

Second Base: Carlos Garcia (1993-1996), Tony Womack (1997-1998), Warren Morris (1999-2000), Pat Meares (2001), Pokey Reese (2002), Jeff Reboulet (2003), Jose Castillo (2004-2006), Freddy Sanchez (2007-2009), Delwyn Young (present)

Third Base: Jeff King (1993-1996), Joe Randa (1997, 2005), Aramis Ramirez (1998, 2000-2003), Ed Sprague (1999), Ty Wigginton (2004), Freddy Sanchez (2005-2006), Jose Bautista (2007-2008), Andy LaRoche (2008-present)

Shortstop: Jay Bell (1993-1996), Kevin Elster (1997), Kevin Polcovich (1997-1998), Shawon Dunston (1997), Lou Collier (1998), Mike Benjamin (1999), Pat Meares (2000), Jack Wilson (2001-2009), Ronny Cedeno (present)

Left Field: Al Martin (1993-1999), Wil Cordero (2000), Brian Giles (2001-2003), Jason Bay (2003-2008), Nyjer Morgan (2009), Lastings Milledge (present)

Center Field: Andy Van Slyke (1993-1994), Jacob Brumfield (1995), Jermaine Allensworth (1996-1998), Brian Giles (1999-2000), Gary Matthews Jr. (2001), Adrian Brown (2002), Kenny Lofton (2003), Tike Redman (2003-2005), Chris Duffy (2006-2007), Nate McLouth (2007-2009), Andrew McCutchen (present)

Right Field: Orlando Merced (1993-1996), Jose Guillen (1997-1999), Brant Brown (1999), John Vander Wal (2000-2001), Craig Wilson (2002, 2003), Reggie Sanders (2003), Matt Lawton (2005), Jeromy Burnitz (2006), Xavier Nady (2007-2008), Garrett Jones/Brandon Moss (present)

Other fun names prominently involved in these shenanigans: John Wehner, Tom Foley, Freddy Garcia, Nelson Liriano, Dale Sveum, Abraham Nunez, Mike Benjamin, Luis Sojo, Rob Mackowiak, Jose “K” Hernandez, Bobby Hill, Chris Stynes, Dave Clark, Midre Cummings, Mike Kingery, Mark Smith, Turner Ward, Emil Brown, Bruce Aven, Derek Bell, Enrique Wilson, Alex Ramirez, Armando Rios, Adam Hyzdu, Matt Stairs, Raul Mondesi, Dave Ross, Benito Santiago, Mike Restovich, Jody Gerut, Cesar Izturis, Chad Hermansen, Matt Kata, Brad Eldred, Rajai Davis, Luis Rivas, Doug Mientkiewicz

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