Saturday morning links

I meant to build my links post off of the FanGraphs link below, but that clearly got away from me. Let’s try this again.

Ronny Cedeno agrees to a $1.125 million contract, avoiding arbitration.

In the same vein, today is the day that arbitration-eligible players have to be offered contracts by. MLB Trade Rumors is keeping track of the non-tenders. Once the list of new free agents is final, I’ll put together a post with the new free agents that I find interesting.

Buster Olney wrote a great piece that’s not behind his blog’s paywall about the influence Peter Gammons has had on his career. An absolute must read if you’re a Gammons fan, or if you’re someone like me who’s too young to understand his true influence. Meanwhile, Gammons pens his ESPN farewell column here. Of course it’s not really a goodbye since he’ll be on the MLB Network and NESN, but it is the end of an era.

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