Some mid-day links

This news just broke across the top of the PG: Tim Neveritt will replace Lanny Fratarre in the booth.

The PG reports that the Pirates have nearly reached an extenstion with Doumit while McLouth isn’t close. This intuitively makes sense; both players are in their first year of arbitration and Doumit’s tendons are gossamer strands of feather while McLouth probably feels like he’s worth a lot more if he whacks 26 homers again next year.

John Perrotto mentioned yesterday that the Pirates were at the “top” of the Daniel Cabrera negotiations. I don’t know what that means, but it’s rumored that someone offered him a deal for more than one year and I suppose the Pirates might be that team.

Rafael Furcal is now signing with the Dodgers, which means they don’t need a shortstop. And it means the Braves don’t have extra shortstops to deal. And so it seems likely that the trade doors are closed for Neal Huntington for a bit.

… Ray King? No thank you. Derrick Turnbow? No thank you.

The Pittsburgh Lumber Co. adds in to yesterday’s discussion on the Bay trade and free agency.

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