Some thoughts on Day 1

Just some quick-hit thoughts and links on the first game and other miscellenea:

-I liked the job Tim Neverett did in the booth. As a few people noted, his voice is vaguely reminiscent of Bob Uecker’s. That’s not a bad thing. I think he’ll do just fine in the Pirates’ booth.

-Remember, it’s spring training. Pitchers approach their game plans differently, they throw differently, and hitters do the same thing. Everyone’s just trying to work out the kinks for the season.

-So don’t get too excited about Shelby Ford’s home run or, you know, the 8-1 win.

-Or too down about Pedro Alvarez’s strikeout.

This is a great read for any aspiring bloggers out there, or really for anyone interested in the evolution of the medium.

I’m getting slaughtered by Behind the Steel Curtain in the Elite Eight of Sean’s Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament. They run a great Steeler blog over there, so vote for one of us and as always, check out the other blogs.

Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to watching A-Rod this year.

Jim Bowden is close to heading to wherever it is that bad GMs go when they get fired. Jim Hendry’s staff, I guess.

Baseball’s back! Ah, what an awesome day.

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