The Cardinal series is not over

The Pirates have beaten the Cardinals three times in a row. It's been awesome. The Pirates and Cardinals play two more games this week. It's time to make a statement, I say. 

Before this series started, I sort of thought of a 3-2 series split in either direction as a non-result. Three wins would be a nice push for the Pirates into the final part of the season and three losses would've been a little disappointing, but neither would be as excellent a statement or as dire as four wins or four losses. The Pirates have won the first three of this series, but now they have to face Adam Wainwright and Shelby Miller Joe Kelly (oops!) in the series' final two games. If they can't win one of them, they'll find themselves back in second place when this series ends.

Tonight, Jeff Locke and Wainwright take the mound. The game is on ESPN for everyone that doesn't live in Pittsburgh or St. Louis. First pitch is at 7:05.

Pat Lackey

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