The double-header

While trade rumors fly around like crazy this afternoon, the Pirates are about to face off with the Cardinals in a pretty important twi-night double-header that kicks off at 4:05 PM. In the first end of the twin-bill, AJ Burnett takes the mound against Lance Lynn. I don't think pitcher wins are a useful stat, but it still seems crazy that AJ Burnett has only recorded one win since he beat the Nationals on May 3rd. He really has been pitching well, and eventually he's going to get some run support. Lynn is having a weird year; his peripherals are great and his record is great, but he's gotten hit really hard in a few of his recent starts (4+ runs in four of his last eight starts). It'd be nice if the Pirates could continue yesterday's offensive outburst into today. 

The Pirates finally named a starter for the nightcap; it's Brandon Cumpton. Cumpton has been adequate in his three starts with the Pirates this year, but every time out I'm worried that teams have seen a little bit more of him they hit him a bit harder. Tony Sanchez will get his first big league start behind the plate catching Cumpton. He'll face Tyler Lyons, who has been awfully unimpressive in his six starts with the Cards this year. I have a feeling the nightcap is going to be a weird and wild game. 

First game starts at 4:05, second game starts a little bit after the first one ends. 

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