The mirror series

This Marlins series is strange. The Pirates and Marlins played each other not even two weeks ago, and this second incarnation of the first series is happening with the same exact pitching matchups that we saw over the weekend in Miami ten-odd days ago. Tonight, Tom Koehler and Charlie Morton match up after giving us the only poorly pitched game in Pirates-Marlins Round 1. The Pirates tagged Koehler for three runs in the top of the first and two more in the third, but Morton gave up four in his five innings of work before turning things over to the bullpen. 

I would expect the Pirates to be able to get to Koehler again tonight, and I'll continue to point out that Morton's strikeouts, walks, and groundball rates all look really good and that at some point, he's going to put together a good start or a string of good starts for the Pirates. I will now plug my ears and hum "na na na na na" while you say bad things about Morton.

The first pitch tonight is at 7:05.

Pat Lackey

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