The series of the year

I believe the following two things:

  1. No 16-year old can be as much of a “sure thing” as most people think Bryce Harper is. I’m sure he’s a great prospect, but baseball doesn’t have an equivalent to LeBron for a reason.
  2. Finishing in last place absolutely sucks.

Honestly, those two things are just personal beliefs of mine and I’m not trying to project them on anyone else. Just explaining where I’m at. But because of the both of those things, I would love to see a series win against the Reds this weekend. We’re just a game and a half  behind them for fifth place (yes!) and if we do the unthinkable and sweep a second team, we’re out of last place.

I don’t expect a sweep. I just want to see the team keep playing solid baseball. Well, “see” is a relative term since I’m in Maryland and won’t see any of it, but you know what I mean. Tonight, Charlie Morton confronts his demons after his debacle last Friday against Micah Owings, who’s fresh off the DL.

Pat Lackey

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