This is like that time Luke Skywalker goes into the cave on Dagobah

The Pirates have re-asserted themselves as playoff contenders with their two-day, 14-0 drubbing of the Cardinals at PNC Park. Combined with another Cardinal loss last night, the Pirates are just 1/2 game out of a playoff spot and could conceivably be back in playoff position after tonight’s action. So of course the Bucs find themselves traveling to Miller Park to face the red-hot Brewers. 

I’ll be traveling today so I won’t see much (if any) of this game, but Jeff Karstens takes the mound for the Pirates against Mark Rogers of the Brewers. Their strong finish against the Cards coupled with St. Louis’s trip to Washington means the Pirates might not need two out of three in this series, but it’d sure be nice. First pitch tonight is at 8:10. Roster moves will probably have happened by then. 

Pat Lackey

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