Victor Black is the PTBNL in the Marlon Byrd deal

This news came across right before last night's game started, which means it's a little stale now, but I think it's worth mentioning that Victor Black will go to the Mets as the player to be named in the Marlon Byrd/John Buck trade. Black is a really nice relief prospect and he's been mentioned as the "Closer of the Future" for the Pirates, but that means that he's still just a relief prospect. Neal Huntington and his coaching staff have certainly shown a nice aptitude for finding/rescuing right-handed relief pitchers, which means that guys like Black certainly might have more value to other teams than the Pirates, simply because the Pirates shouldn't have a ton of problems finding a guy similar to him to plug into his role. 

The reason he had to be named later is that he has to go through waivers as a player on the 40-man roster; if he doesn't clear, the Pirates will pull him back and send him to the Mets as soon as the season ends.

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