Welcome to WHYGAVS N.0

If you are a regular WHYGAVS reader, you have undoubtedly noticed that there’s something a little bit different about the site today. This is because Bloguin (the network that has graciously hosted WHYGAVS since 2008, which just sounds like an insanely long time when I type it out) has migrated the entire network from our old CMS That Shall Not Be Named to WordPress.

This is good news! The old CMS was clunky and difficult to use and did not have an autosave feature which resulted in literally more headaches than anything in my life other than possibly my PhD project. The old site took forever to load, too, which I’m sure you noticed. Everything is much crisper now, and things should load better both on regular browsers and mobile devices. WordPress is a much more intuitive and useful blogging platform, which should make it easier for me to post more regularly with shorter news posts. There are still some kinks to be ironed out, so if you notice something that you don’t like, please leave a comment or yell at me on Twitter.

There are a few new things about the site that will take some getting used to; every front page post is now automatically truncated, which means that if you access the page by going to WHYGAVS dot com every day, you’ll have an extra click before you get to see the whole post. I’m sorry about that. If you read via RSS, the new RSS feed is: http://whygavs.com/feed. Make sure you get yourself updated. If you read my posts by clicking on Twitter links, well, you’ll be just fine. Really; I swear we’ll all be just fine. Once upon a time WHYGAVS looked like this, and we still somehow managed to fight through it and make it to today.

It’ll take a little bit of time, but once I get used to the new platform, things will go much more smoothly and the page will probably look a little bit prettier. They let me keep the Question Mark P and the Spider-Man reference in the header, though, so I’m pretty optimistic about all of those.

About Pat Lackey

In 2005, I started a WHYGAVS instead of working on organic chemistry homework. Many years later, I've written about baseball and the Pirates for a number of sites all across the internet, but WHYGAVS is still my home. I still haven't finished that O-Chem homework, though.