Well, this is just what we need

With the Pirates mired in an ugly 12-losses-in-13-games skid, just about the last team in the world that I want to see is the team that’s owned us unlike any other in the past few seasons, the Brewers. I don’t care if Kevin Hart vs. Claudio Vargas is a favorable pitching matchup for us, this isn’t good. Hypothetically speaking, we could just about close the door on the Brewers’ playoff hopes with a series win or sweep (if they have hopes left), but that seems about as likely as it snowing here in Chapel Hill tomorrow.

An unrelated side note: How awesome is it to not have to fret over the draft pick signing deadline tonight? The run-up to midnight on August 15th last year might be the most stressful thing that’s happened to me as a Pirate fan in the last five years.

Pat Lackey

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