Where have you gone, Dave Kerwin?

I have no idea what this means, but it should probably up the TV ratings for the last two games of the Pirates/Brewers series:

“It was fine until Dave Kerwin,” Kendall said, referring to Kerrigan. Kendall continued to call Kerrigan by that incorrect name — seemingly on purpose — even after being promptly corrected.

“I can take a lot, but I’m not going to get yelled at,” he continued. “Dave Kerwin started yelling at me….”

When asked what he thought made Kerrigan so mad, Kendall responded: “I don’t know. Dave Kerwin? I have no idea.”

OK, maybe I don’t like the Brewers and maybe I have no idea what Kendall’s ranting about, but I’ll admit, this is a little bit awesome. I mean, someone’s getting fired up about Pirate games!

Pat Lackey

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