WHYGAVS Night Moved to Sunday June 14th

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With the Penguins’ win on Tuesday, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is now the same night that WHYGAVS Night was originally scheduled for. I would guess that a large number of the potential WHYGAVS Night attendees (myself included) would much rather watch hockey that night, so I’m moving WHYGAVS Night to WHYGAVS Afternoon on Sunday the 14th. I have prior plans on Saturday, so this is how it’s going to have to go. For anyone that’s still interested, we can meet up somewhere on Federal Street before the game (say, 12:30 or 1:00) and I’m open to suggestions for where in the comments (which I’ll post when we decide). Sorry for the short notice. This is one thing you can blame on Marc-Andre Fleury and I won’t have a problem with you doing so.

Pat Lackey

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