WHYGAVS Night update plus other odds and ends

First: if you haven’t gotten your t-shirt order to me, please get it in soon. I’m placing the order on Friday afternoon. And if you’ve sent me an e-mail about a shirt order that asked me a question, check your e-mail, I’ll be responding this morning.

Second: despite his attempts to please everyone with his Stanley Cup Final schedule, Gary Bettman has gone ahead and scheduled Game 7 for WHYGAVS Night.

/shakes fist threateningly in the general direction of Ontario

For now, we’re going to keep in mind that most series don’t go to seven games and proceed as if the Penguins will have the deal sealed by the 9th so we can enjoy baseball on the 12th. If that’s not the case, we’ll have to come up with an emergency backup plan that will probably involve moving WHYGAVS Night to Sunday afternoon, because frankly, I’m not missing a potential Red Wings/Penguins Game 7 for anything in the world and I doubt many of you will either. But until you hear otherwise, WHYGAVS Night is still Friday June 12th.

Kiley McDaniel at BP examines the Latin American market and agrees with the PG’s assessment that the Pirates are the front-runners for Sano (subscriber only).

The guys at It Is About the Money, Stupid, have created “Vote For Manny 2009” and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

More Hardball takes a look at Jason Kendall’s career. If the Pirates had moved him out from behind the plate after his ankle injury and prevented the thumb injury that sapped his power, who knows what could’ve happened.

In case any of my fellow Mercer Countians missed it, Kennedy Catholic alum (and teammate of mine on the 2002 Kennedy Catholic baseball team, the worst team in MCAC history) Nolan Reimold hit his fourth homer of the year for the Orioles last night, and it was a three-run, eleventh inning walkoff.

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