Thoughts on Day 1 of the Winter meetings

First things first, I tried to have a Road to 17 ready for this morning, but it just didn’t happen. There will be one tomorrow. We’re entering my high school years now, which are the years I definitely remember the least about. Still, there’s plenty of time to get these done before spring training and it’s going to happen.

So what did we learn on the first day of the winter meetings? After the Tigers ditched the Pirates for Adam Everett, we know there’s not much of a market for Jack Wilson. I realize people are upset today and saying things like “Huntington screwed it up,” but consider that the only reports we’d heard were that the Pirates were the ones interested in Joyce and Larish, not that the Tigers were interested in giving them to us. If the Tigers weren’t even offering Larish, I think it’s hard to fault Huntington for not making a move.

As we stand now on Day 2, I don’t see much of a market for Wilson left. I think the Twins have much better options in play right now and the Pirates’ best hope to deal Wilson is for Rafael Furcal to sign somewhere other than LA. That isn’t looking promising. Still, the interest in Eckstein (if there is anything to it … it did seem like Rosenthal was just guessing at teams interested in the Scrappy One) may indicate that Huntington is fairly confident he’ll get either Wilson or Sanchez dealt in the near future. All we can do is wait and see.

Like yesterday, I’ll post another open thread around noon to keep track of whatever happens this afternoon out west.

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