7 Gambling Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Gambling in one form or the other has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. From rudimentary games to throwing dice, gambling has since evolved.

Many gambling enthusiasts reckon they know all there is to know about the activity. Granted, you probably know your way around the machine slots, but we’ve decided to outline 7 interesting gambling facts that’ll literally leave you speechless.

Las Vegas isn’t the ‘’Holy Grail” of Gambling

Guess what; LA isn’t the gambling powerhouse—well not anymore. It was for almost half a century. But Macau which is located in China has since surpassed LA by raking in three times more in gambling revenue.

So next time you’re feeling lucky and want to visit the biggest gambling destination, forget the City of Lights and head towards China.

The Term “Blue-Chip’’ Originated from Poker

You’ve probably heard the term blue-chip before. It’s used when referring to successful companies that are financially sound, successful and well-established. Yes, much like those companies that you’ll find on Wall Street.

It’s easy to assume that the term was devised by some top business guru but that’s not the case. Interestingly enough, the term originated from Poker.

During Poker’s inception three chips were used; white, red and blue. The white chips had the lowest value while the red had moderate value. The blue chips on the other hand were considered most valuable.

Businesses in Wall Street that experienced a significant boom in the 1900s resulting in high stock prices were referred to as blue chip companies. Interesting, right?

You Can Ban Yourself from a Casino

Gambling can be loads of fun—whether you play it from a physical casino or online. If you prefer the latter visit anyone of the legal online casinos Canada, LA and the rest of the world have to offer.

But it’s no secret how everything must be enjoyed in moderation—including gambling. Without setting some personal boundaries, things can quickly get out of hand resulting in addiction.

With this in mind, some states allow patrons to voluntarily ban themselves from casinos. By enforcing a self-ban, you’re not allowed to step foot inside a casino for the stipulated period. And doing so is a punishable offence.

In extreme cases, someone can decide to pick a lifetime ban. But know that if you select this option there’s no going back. The decision is irreversible.

Fedex Was Saved Through Gambling

Without gambling it’s safe to say that Fedex wouldn’t be operational today. Fedex is one of the world’s leading courier companies. But everything was not always rosy for this multi-billion-dollar company.

Once upon a time (in the early 1970s) Fedex was facing financial difficulties which almost left the company bankrupt. This was after the company lost over a million dollars in a month.

Instead of throwing in the towel the CEO, Fred Smith, decided to hit the casino with the company’s last $5,000. As it turns out fortune was in his favour and he managed to win $32,000 which was enough to revitalise the business. And the rest is history.

The Late Steve Jobs Dad is a Casino Billionaire

The former CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc Steve Jobs wasn’t the only successful person in his family. It appears that he inherited his business acumen from his father Abdulfattah John Jandali.

Jandali had many impressive accolades including being the Vice-President of Boomtown Casino in Nevada. This casino was one of the largest and most successful in the region which racked in billions in revenue.

The First Casino License in LA was Issued to a Woman

It’s easy to assume that the pioneers of casinos were male mobsters. On the contrary, the first legal casino license was issued to Mayme Stocker for the Northern Club in 1920.

She opened and registered the casino under her name because her husband Harold initially refused to be a part of it. But he quickly warmed up to the idea and supported his wife.

The World’s Smallest Casino is Run from the Back of a London Cab

If you’re looking for the address for the world’s smallest casino, chances are that you won’t find it. Why? Because it’s operated from the back seat of a cab in London—it’s a mobile casino!

This casino is an extension of Grosvenor Casino in London. It comes complete with a dealer, gaming table and bar. It even comes with a TV that shows sports. You’re allowed to go anywhere you want with this cab as long as you make a charitable donation.

Final Words

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