How to Become a Top Athlete

How professional athletes can get into shape and stay there for a long period of time? There is no single answer. In reality, you will have to focus on several points in order to achieve this. The goal is to have a lifestyle that is focused on healthy living and training your body to do […]

Fighting Boredom When Everything is Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many commercial establishments to close down to ensure everyone’s safety. But fret not! Now that you are imposed to stay at home, you can still do a lot of productive things and enjoy the stay-at-home life with your family and even with just yourself. If you do not have an […]

2020/2021 NFL Season Predictions

The NFL finally got underway last weekend after months of toing and froing from the game’s governing body about whether the 2020/2021 season would go ahead. The opening weekend saw big wins for the Steelers over the Giants as well as veteran and Patriot’s legend Tom Brady’s eagerly anticipated debut for new team Tampa Bay […]

A Guide to Successful Sports Betting

Are you new to sports betting? If so, there are several basic principles that you must implement; otherwise, your bankroll will bleed money. It is not easy to win consistently. However, some professional sports bettors make a reasonable living by wagering on sporting events.  Consequently, let’s look at some of these basic principles to lay […]

Reasons to Play Online Casino

Most people who love going to the casino are often reluctant to try online gambling.  A few common reasons for this reluctance are understandable.  For example, there are no free drinks when you are at home!  We have to concede that point.  However, there are a number of reasons that people state that are less […]

The Effects of Femur Length on Squat Mechanics

According to some online gurus, there are 2 scenarios you are most likely to encounter in leg training and both of them depend on what your workout goal is. Firstly, you will need to do barbell back squats if your workout goal is to develop big legs. Secondly. it is essential that you do ATG […]

US Sports Resumes with Online Betting Being the Winner

NBA and MLB return will put sports betting apps in winning position The impact of COVID-19 on the growth of the legal sports betting market is expected to be “serious but temporary”. As NBA, MLB and NHL work on the reopening, co-founder of US-based DraftKings and its CEO Jason Robins explains how sports fans react […]

Barcelona, Juventus signs Miralem Pjanic and Arthur Melo 

Several European giants are currently sealing deals and signing players to strengthen up their team in the transfer market, La Liga giants, Barcelona have now joined the frail after confirming their midfielder Arthur Melo will be joining Juventus in the summer for a deal said to be worth £75m. This deal will also see Juventus […]

5 of the Biggest Upsets In Sports History

The idea of an underdog is an interesting concept, generally, it is a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a contest. It is the notion of a contender having less status compared to their counterpart. If you like rooting for the underdog, then you rarely have reason to cheer but sometimes special teams […]

How Is the Coronavirus Affecting La Liga?

The current Covid19 pandemic has decimated sporting events across the globe, with major leagues in pretty much every sport being side-lined for the foreseeable future. La Liga has not managed to escape the cancellations either, with the remainder of the season now hanging in the balance, along with all the other top-flight football leagues across […]

7 Gambling Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Gambling in one form or the other has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. From rudimentary games to throwing dice, gambling has since evolved. Many gambling enthusiasts reckon they know all there is to know about the activity. Granted, you probably know your way around the machine slots, but we’ve decided to […]

4 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Online Poker Games 

Online poker games offer a blend of a sophisticated and straightforward game that needs in-depth mastery. It thus results in many people giving up on the game rather early in their gaming stages. Do you have a deeper connection with poker games and wish to pursue it profoundly? Here are fatal mistakes that you should […]

Costs and Revenues Stemming from Online Casino Operations

Online casinos’ monthly revenues differ significantly but it is possible to make some average assumptions just for the sake of fun and math. It is important to note that all numbers within this article are an assumption. The Costs of Operating an Online Casino In order to calculate the monthly revenues, it is logical to […]

Issues in the NBA at a Glance

Disappointed But Not Done It didn’t work out for former No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota, but he, as well as the Warriors, believe a change of scenery will prove to be a world of difference. Wiggins had an extremely high ceiling coming out of the draft, something that fans took advantage […]

Offseason Headlines – Twins and Sox

Twins Basil… Twins Josh Donaldson remains one of the hottest veteran sluggers on the market, along with Marcell Ozuna, and it will be interesting to see where he lands. There isn’t all that much talent out there in regards to players that can instantly come in and provide some pop in the lineup, so Donaldson […]

The Good Holiday Feels from Professional Sports

Soft Spot for Phat Lineman Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is just wrapping up his rookie season, but he’s already learning the ins and outs of the league and is quickly becoming a holiday favorite for fans who are taking advantage of the yuletide joy through various sportsbook apps for Indiana as well as other locations around […]

Carmelo, Carmelo, Carmelo

Carmelo is back and for fans that remember the Syracuse days things couldn’t be better.  But before we jump into the future we would be remise if we didn’t take a moment and look at the past… it might help us take advantage of what many are calling a bright future using the mybookie site. […]

Who Will Be the New Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager?

The search for a new general manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates is heating up. They have been without anyone in this important role since Neal Huntington was fired at the end of October. So, who will be the next person to take on this role? At the time of writing, the search appears to have […]

Decoding the NFL

Losing Streak Over The Dolphins got their first win of the season on Sunday, dominating the lowly Jets from start to finish, and winning 26-18. It wasn’t a fun game to watch by any means, as the final quarter featured the Dolphins outscoring the Jets 3-2, which is akin to a hockey or baseball score, […]

Sports betting continues to grow in Pennsylvania

Last year, the US Senate decided it was done with the PAPSA, an act that had, among other things, banned online sports betting in the US. This left it up to each state to decide if they wanted to legalise sports betting and Pennsylvania was one of the first to open its borders to online […]