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Losing Streak Over

The Dolphins got their first win of the season on Sunday, dominating the lowly Jets from start to finish, and winning 26-18.

It wasn’t a fun game to watch by any means, as the final quarter featured the Dolphins outscoring the Jets 3-2, which is akin to a hockey or baseball score, not football.

Still, the Dolphins played their best game of the season, and won in all three phases of the game, much to the joy of fans who were paying attention to sportsbook reviews.  As such, they got the victory, and talk of head coach Brian Flores’ team going winless has disappeared.

And given that Flores’ got his first-ever victory as an NFL head coach, his team doused him in Gatorade.

Sporting a 1-7 record sure is something to celebrate.

Peterson Is a Beast

Redskins veteran running back Adrian Peterson may currently be 34 years old, but he still has some gas left in his tank, as he’s shown this season.

Not only that, he’s still strong enough to impose his will physically on his opponents.

Peterson showed that during Sunday’s game against the Bills, even going up against the stout Buffalo defense. He received a handoff on one particular play in the game, but was immediately met in the backfield by Bills cornerback Levi Wallace.

No problem, though, as AP used a stiff-arm to throw the poor guy to the ground, then just kept running.

AP is still one strong fellow.

Bad News Bears

It’s fair to wonder if the Bears are considering moving on from No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky in the future, as he’s been awful this season.

Trubisky has been prone to turn the football over, and he’s just not seeing the field well. He’s making the same mistakes he made when he first entered the league, with a poor pocket presence, and just not being able to consistently command the offense. Not only that, the game simply has not slowed down for him, and he just looks lost on the football field, more often than not.

The Bears’ offense has been hindered as a result. Chicago may have a number of offensive playmakers on its roster, and an offensive-minded head coach in Matt Nagy, but Trubisky’s regression has really hurt them. Look how bad they were in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Eagles. A chyron showed that with five minutes remaining in the half, the Bears mustered only one (!) yard on offense.

That is insane.


It’s really starting to look as if the Steelers got the better of the Dolphins in the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade.

Pittsburgh may have given up a first-round draft pick to acquire Fitzpatrick, but it received one of the league’s most talented young defensive backs in return. Fitzpatrick is a rangy, intelligent player who is capable of making game-changing plays, and the Steelers would be wise to build their secondary around him.

The Steelers were in bad shape in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Colts, trailing 10-3, with Indianapolis in the red zone. Fitzpatrick completely swung the momentum back in his team’s favor by picking off a Ryan Tannehill pass and returning it 96 yards for the touchdown.


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