The Good Holiday Feels from Professional Sports

Soft Spot for Phat Lineman

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is just wrapping up his rookie season, but he’s already learning the ins and outs of the league and is quickly becoming a holiday favorite for fans who are taking advantage of the yuletide joy through various sportsbook apps for Indiana as well as other locations around the United States.

Murray has made opposing defenses play with his dual-threat ability — keeping them off balance and showing flashes of brilliance when healthy. Not only that, he’s also learned how to hook up the most important people in his world: His offensive linemen.

His O-Line is tasked with protecting him, so he hooked them up big-time with a great holiday gift. Murray bought them all custom scooters, and they’re pretty sweet.

Awesome gesture by Murray, taking care of the guys that help keep him upright.

Credit Where it’s Due

The Patriots have a head coach who comes from a military family, and the team used one of its most treasured assets to help that particular football program travel in style to its bowl game.

Bill Belichick learned a lot about the game of football from his father, who worked as a scout for Navy throughout a good chunk of his professional life. Belichick still has ties to the football program, and that’s probably why the team recently did something pretty awesome ahead of Navy’s Liberty Bowl showdown with Liberty on New Year’s Eve.

Rather than flying coach, Navy’s players road on the Patriots team plane for their trip to Memphis — in style.

Patriots Air: The only way to fly.

How the Big Do Christmas

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling while Tacko Fall leads the instruments in singing — ring-a-ling-a ding dong ding!

That’s exactly what happened recently, when the Celtics seven-foot-six extremely large man played the role of conductor at the Holiday Pops concert at Symphony Hall, just for a song.

And it was just as great as you’d have imagined.

The conductor, Keith Lockhart, passed the baton to Fall for a song, and for a few minutes, the Boston Pops was all his. Fall led them through “Sleigh Ride,” and you can check him out doing so in the video clip below.


Star Wars Christmas

Alright, alright… we know that this news may not feel very Yule Tidy but we still argue that Star Wars belongs in the Christmas top 10 list and… I mean… come on. With news like this you can’t tell me you don’t want to break out into song with us, “Oh Vader Clause, Vader Clause…”

Workers are hard at work on the Raiders’ new stadium, as they recently played their final game at Coliseum, and will be relocated to Las Vegas next season.

Their new venue, Allegiant Stadium, is under construction in Paradise, Nevada — not too far from the Las Vegas strip. It will soon play host to the Raiders in the 2020 season, as well as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels’ college football team.

A recent video shows how the construction is going on the new venue, and apparently, the Raiders spared no expense, and it’s going to be quite the experience. It’s already drawing comparisons to a spaceship in “Star Wars,” given how futuristic it looks.


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