Offseason Headlines – Twins and Sox

Twins Basil… Twins Josh Donaldson remains one of the hottest veteran sluggers on the market, along with Marcell Ozuna, and it will be interesting to see where he lands. There isn’t all that much talent out there in regards to players that can instantly come in and provide some pop in the lineup, so Donaldson […]

The Good Holiday Feels from Professional Sports

Soft Spot for Phat Lineman Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is just wrapping up his rookie season, but he’s already learning the ins and outs of the league and is quickly becoming a holiday favorite for fans who are taking advantage of the yuletide joy through various sportsbook apps for Indiana as well as other locations around […]

Carmelo, Carmelo, Carmelo

Carmelo is back and for fans that remember the Syracuse days things couldn’t be better.  But before we jump into the future we would be remise if we didn’t take a moment and look at the past… it might help us take advantage of what many are calling a bright future using the mybookie site. […]

Who Will Be the New Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager?

The search for a new general manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates is heating up. They have been without anyone in this important role since Neal Huntington was fired at the end of October. So, who will be the next person to take on this role? At the time of writing, the search appears to have […]

Decoding the NFL

Losing Streak Over The Dolphins got their first win of the season on Sunday, dominating the lowly Jets from start to finish, and winning 26-18. It wasn’t a fun game to watch by any means, as the final quarter featured the Dolphins outscoring the Jets 3-2, which is akin to a hockey or baseball score, […]

Sports betting continues to grow in Pennsylvania

Last year, the US Senate decided it was done with the PAPSA, an act that had, among other things, banned online sports betting in the US. This left it up to each state to decide if they wanted to legalise sports betting and Pennsylvania was one of the first to open its borders to online […]

Players With Their Adidas Soccer Pants Youth

There are many different types of shorts, which a soccer player can wear during a football or training match, but the best types of shorts are clearly soccer shorts, made especially for soccer games. Specific soccer shorts are part of the game. With the help of soccer shorts, a player can make the best impression […]